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GeoText(self, use_demo_data: bool = True) -> None
Extract LookupData from input text

GeoText inherits from LookupDataPool. It iterates through a LookupDataPool and interfaces flashtext.KeywordProcessor to extract keywords from an input text. It parses the result of flashtext.KeywordProcessor.extract_keywords() by counting the occurances of a LookupData point and optionally lists the span info.


from flashgeotext.geotext import GeoText

geotext = GeoText(use_demo_data=True)

input_text = '''Shanghai. The Chinese Ministry of Finance in Shanghai said that China plans
                to cut tariffs on $75 billion worth of goods that the country
                imports from the US. Washington welcomes the decision.'''

geotext.extract(input_text=input_text, span_info=True)
>> {
    'cities': {
        'Shanghai': {
            'count': 2,
            'span_info': [(0, 8), (45, 53)]
        'Washington, D.C.': {
            'count': 1,
            'span_info': [(175, 185)]
    'countries': {
        'China': {
            'count': 1,
            'span_info': [(64, 69)]
        'United States': {
            'count': 1,
            'span_info': [(171, 173)]


GeoText.extract(self, input_text: str, span_info: bool = True) -> dict
Extract LookupData from an input_text

Arguments: input_text (str): String to extract LookupData from. span_info (bool): Optionally, return span_info. Defaults to True.

Returns: extract_ouput (dict): dictionary of extracted LookupData entities with count and optionally with listed span info.